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LETTERS       79 Pieces





To the people of Kufa before proceeding for the Battle of Jamal...Uthman's assasination...Talha and Zubayr's attitude...Aisha's anger against Uthman...People gave pledge of allegiance to Imam Ali (p) willingly."Out of the Muhajirs I was the only man who wanted to appease and pacify the people..."



To the people of Kufa after the conquest of Basra...Imam Ali (p) thanks to the people of Kufa for their obedience to him and Ahl al-Bayt..."You have done your duty. You heard the call of your Amir, responded to it; he called you and you obeyed his orders..."




To the Qadhi of Kufa, Shurayh b. Haarith when he purchased a costly house...Ali (p)'s justice as a leader...death...Allah...past-nations...wordly things..."...the day when people will be rewarded or punished according to their deeds, the day on which evil doers will suffer for their vicious and wicked ways..."




To one of the commanders of his army...the faithfull & faithless followers...doing something willingly or unwillingly..."Remember that the absence of those who do not join us willingly and sincerely is better than their presence in our ranks, and their inactivity and lethargy is better than their participation in our activities."



To the hypocrite Ash'ath bin Qays when he usurped public funds...Ali (p) is a perfect leader...the rulers are guardians of people...they can't make use of peoples' wealth as they wish..."I hope you will not give me a chance to prove myself a hard task-master and a harsh administrator.





To Mu’awiya on his (Ali’s) right to the caliphate...basics of who opposes the verdict of muslims in terms of allegiance should be killed...characteristics of Muawiya..."O Mu’awiya! I am sure that if you give up self-aggrandizement and self-interest, if you forsake the idea of being alive only to personal profits and pleasures, if you cease to be actuated solely by will realize that I cannot at all be held responsible for the affair and I am the least concerned with the episode. But it is a different thing that you create all these false rumours and carry on this heinous propaganda to gain your ulterior motives. Well you may do whatever you like."




To Mu’awiya, on receiving letters from him based on hypocritical advice and false accusations...Muawiya's enmity, envy towards Imam Ali (p)...characteristics of Muawiya...those who break their pledge of allegiance to Imam Ali are hypocrites and traitors..."Remember that the allegiance and fidelity sworn to me is such that it does not require reconsideration on the part of those who have sworn it nor are they at liberty (from a religious point of view) to go back upon it. Therefore, those who belittle it, scoff at it, or go back upon it are hypocrites and traitors."



Jarir bin Abdullah Bajali was sent to Damascus. He was carrying a letter for Mu’awiya. Some delay occurred in his return. Imam Ali (a) felt anxious about his safety and wrote the following letter to him...Muawiya has two choices, either a war or obedience to the Imam of his time (ie Imam Ali-p-)..."If it is going to be a war then I shall get ready to fight against him, and if it is going to be peace then you must make him swear the oath of allegiance to me and then you must return.



To Mu’awiya...enmity of Quraysh towards the Prophet (p) and his Ahl al-Bayt ( chosen members of his family )...sorrows of of Allah...the cowardice of the companions of the Prophet (p) during battles...and their flee...the struggle of Bani Hashim...a comparison of Ali (p) and Muawiya (!!!!)...hypocrisy of Muawiya..."I swear by my life that if you do not leave your hypocrisy, avarice and your rebellious activities they will make themselves known to you..."



To Mu’awiya...the world and its worthlessness...Imam Ali admonishes Muawiya of this world and death...Ali (p) killed his non-muslim relatives in the battle..the same sword is still in his hand...Imam Ali (p)'s perfect prophecy of Muawiya's defeat..."Verily, I sincerely believe in the religion which you pretended to embrace hypocritically with mental reservations and pretensions, a religion which you in your heart of hearts actually hated and which you gave up quickly and cheerfully."..."Take care! You are being madly driven by the lust of wealth, power and vicious indulgence, you are behaving hypocritically against man and Allah. You shall be damned forever."..."you and your followers being hypocrites have no faith in Allah, in the Holy Prophet (s) and the Day of Judgement and who have gone back on their promises..."


11. Letter:  

Part of instructions to his marshal when Imam Ali (a) sent him to a battle...

matchless battle techniques..."Try to avoid dissensions and do not cause superiority or inferiority complexes to take root among your officers and in your ranks."


12. Letter:  

When Imam Ali (a) sent an expedition of 3000 soldiers under Ma'qil bin Qays Riyahi against the Syrians, he issued the following instructions...."Do not let the hatred and enmity of your opponents force you to a combat, do not begin a battle even if the enemy so desires unless you have explored every avenue of amity and good-will and have exhausted all the chances of a peaceful settlement."


13. Letter:

Instructions to two of his commanders..."Take your orders from him and obey him."


14. Letter:   

To his soldiers before the Battle of Siffin...instructions for battle...women rights and characteristics..."Do not take the initiative in fighting, let them begin it. It is because by the Favour of Allah you are on the side of truth and justice."


15. Letter:  

His invocation to Allah whenever he faced an enemy..."O Lord! Let truth prevail and let our people realize justice, honesty and piety of our case."




16. Letter:   

His advice to his followers during a battle...fighting techniques...hypocrites.."I swear by the Lord Who allowed a seed to germinate into a plant and Who created these men who are opposing and facing you and who are fighting against you who did not embrace Islam but for securing a safety device for their lives and properties."



A reply to a letter of Mu’awiya...Muawiya wants Syria...paradise-going & hell-going people...Bani Hashim...Ummayya isnot equal to Hashim...Harb isnot equal to Abdul Muttalib..Abu Sufyan isnot equal to Abu way!!!...noble parentage X doubtful lineage...hypocrites..."Some of you embraced Islam to better your position because Muslims were gaining ascendancy and supremacy and some others became Muslims because after having harmed and wronged the Muslims in the early days of Islam, you felt that the only way to protect yourself from their vengeance was to profess their religion, though outwardly and hypocritically."


18. Letter:  

When Abdullah bin Abbas was the Governor of Basra, Imam Ali (a) wrote the following letter to him. The cause of this letter was the behaviour of Ibn Abbas towards the clan of Bani Tamim. Ibn Abbas hated them because some of them had sided with Talha and Zubayr in the Battle of Jamal and therefore, he had on occasions treated them scornfully. They reported this matter to Imam Ali (a) requesting that the whole clan should not be treated badly because of the folly of a few. This letter shows what a kind rule it was that Imam Ali (a) wanted to introduce...citizens of Basra...characteristics of a Muslim ruler..."Be careful about your behaviour towards those over whom you are ruling, be kind to all and be careful about your tongue and your behaviour because you are ruling there on my behalf and your actions are those of mine and I am responsible for them."



19. Letter: 

A letter to one of his governors. It speaks volumes about the ways of Divine Rule. It shows how Imam Ali (a) was training the Muslims to behave tolerantly towards other religions, how minority was to be treated and what should those who hold a different creed, expect of a Muslim ruler."I deliberated over their complaint and found that if, on account of their paganism they do not deserve any favourable treatment of extra privileges, they do not deserve to be treated cruelly and harshly either."


20. Letter:  

To the corrupt Ziyad ibn Abih, who had been appointed as the Commissioner of Basra by Abdullah bin Abbas...Imam Ali (p)'s justice & equality towards muslims..."I swear by Allah that if I find you misappropriating the wealth of Muslims I will punish you in such a way that you will be left poor."


21. Letter:

Another letter to Ziyad ibn Abih...advices regarding the world & the Day of Judgement...the way of expenditure..."...Remember a man receives the reward according to actions he has done in this world because in the next world only the result of such deeds as he has done during his lifetime shall reach him."


22. Letter:

An advice to Abdullah b. Abbas, which the latter claimed, that except for the advice of the Holy Prophet (s), no advice had been so beneficial to him as this..."Only such things as will earn for you a reward in the next world should please you and you should only feel sorry for losing rewards of the next world."



23. Letter:   

Instructions to his family a little before his martyrdom...two pillars of Islam (i.e. monotheism and Sunnah of Holy Prophet (p))...caring Sunnah..."So far as death by martyrdom is concerned I always expected and desired it and I now welcome it like a thirsty person who finds water when he is extremely thirsty. I am a seeker whom martyrdom finds what he was seeking for.To the pious people the best is that which they find with Allah."


24. Letter:  

His Will in which he has left instructions as to how to treat his property and estate. It was written after his return from the Battle of Siffin...Hasan and Husain are appointed...the right of Imams are the same as others in terms of inheritance of wealth, money, etc....justice of Islam.."After me my son Hasan (a) will be the administrator, executor and testator of my property. He can spend it according to the laws of Islam in helping the poor, destitute and the needy in accordance with the canons ordained by Allah."


25. Letter:  

Directions to assessors and collectors of Zakat...characteristics of a Muslim Ruler...beauties of Islam...justice of Islam...basics of collecting Zakat, tax...collecting Zakat is a religious duty and pious deed..."Do not let the Muslim grieve (over their lot of having you as their ruler) and do not approach them in a way as to make your approach hateful to them. Do not tax them more than what is actually due from them to Allah."




26. Letter:   

His instructions to Zakat collectors...the rights of the poor...punishment of misappropriates Zakat funds...the most despicable example of maladministration in Islam is...."I order you not to pretend fear of Allah and assume false piety and to go against His Orders secretly. One whose deeds coincide with his words and who is as honest in his secret activities as in open deeds, is the person who has faithfully discharged the duty laid down upon him by the Lord..."..."Woe be to the person against whom the poor, the destitute, the beggars and those who have been deprived of their rights of receiving Zakat complain before Allah..."


27. Letter:  

Instructions to Muhammad b. Abu Bakr when he appointed him as the Governor of Egypt...justice of Islam...and Holy Imam (ie Imam Ali-p-)...acoount of the Day of Judgement...death is inevitable...worldly-minded people & next-worldly-minded people, their characteristics and their rewards..."O creature of Allah! Fear the inevitable and unavoidable death which is so near to everybody. Be prepared to meet it."..."Remember that a true Imam and leader cannot be equal to the one who leads humanity towards wickedness and vice and eventually towards Hell nor can there be an equality between a follower of the Holy Prophet (s) and his sworn enemy..."


28. Letter:  

A famous reply to the letter of Mu’awiya. It throws ample light on many phases of the history of Islam from the time of its dawn up to the time of Imam Ali (a)...Muawiya has nothing to do with and has no share in the Blessings and Favours given to Prophet (p) and his Ahl al-Bayt...Muawiya is neither a Muhajir nor an Ansar...but he is a liberated slave...he is gone astray...Bani Hashim and their martyrs...Ahl al-Bayt and their perfection...Asadullah=the Lion of Allah ( title of Imam ali-p-)...a comparison of Bani Umayyad and Bani Hashim..."Your condition is like a man who tries to teach archery to the master from whom he has learnt the art."..."You (Muawiya) have gone astray from the straight path and from the real teachings of Islam."..."We were faithful followers of the commandments of Allah and you and your clan always opposed Islam and accepted it out of sheer expediency simply to save yourselves from humiliation and disgrace."


29. Letter:   

To the people of Basra...Ali (as)'s warning of enemies of Islam...and his mercy to those who wronged him..."I am willing to forgive and to forget those who have wronged me and to requite those who have exhibited fidelity towards me."


30. Letter:  

To Mu’awiya...characteristics of Muawiya..."Wise people adopt those ways and follow them but only fools refuse to accept His advice."



31. Letter:   

Advice to one of his sons after returning from the Battle of Siffin. Some historians consider him to be Imam Hasan (a) while others are of the opinion that he was Muhammad Hanafiya. He wrote them in the form of a will. They deal with almost every aspect of life which goes a long way to make a man successful in life - brave, humane, generous, virtuous and pious...transience of this world...death...preparations for the next world..Unity of Allah and his other attributes.."The One who sends calamities has also the power to protect you from them."..."Do unto others as you wish others to do unto you.Whatever you like for yourself, like for others, and whatever you dislike to happen to you, spare others from such happenings. Do not oppress and tyrannize anybody because you surely do not like to be oppressed and tyrannized. Be kind and sympathetic to others as you certainly desire others to treat you kindly and sympathetically."


32. Letter: 

To Mu’awiya...Mu'awiya has no faith  in Islam and he is a hell-calling leader..."You have misguided the whole generation of men around you...They are becoming sceptics and most of them are returning to infidelity of pre-Islamic days."


33. Letter:  

To Qutham b. Abbas, the brother of Abdullah b. Abbas, who was the Governor of Imam Ali (a) in the province of Hijaz...propaganda and create disloyalty against Imam Ali (p)...misuse of religion for the wordly gains...vicious ruler..."These people have no eyes for truth and no ears for the Orders of Allah and sayings of the Holy Prophet (s). They are trying to reach the path of religion through wrong ways and to acquire worldly wealth and pleasure under the pretence of religious activities."..."Remember that Divine Reward is for those who earn it with their sincere and good deeds and punishment is the lot of men who deserve it by their evil activities."


34. Letter:

Muhammad, son of Abu Bakr (the 1st caliph) was one of the favourite disciples and companions of Imam Ali (a). Imam Ali (a) had treated and trained him like his own son and had appointed him as the Governor of Egypt. Later on Imam Ali (a) called him back from Egypt and sent Maalik Ashtar as the Governor. Muhammad thought that he was deposed and felt sad about it. When Imam Ali (a) came to know of this he wrote the following letter to him...Imam Ali (p)'s care for his followers and their feelings..."Undoubtedly the man whom I sent as the Governor of Egypt was very faithful to us and very severe against our enemies."


35. Letter:   

When Muhammad bin Abu Bakr was killed in Egypt by the guerrillas of Mu’awiya through disloyalty of his (Muhammad's) own companions and officers, Imam Ali (a) felt sad and wrote the following letter to Abdullah b. Abbas..."So far as the defense of the Islamic State is concerned Muhammad bin Abu Bakr was like a sharp sword and an impregnable fort."




36. Letter:  

To his brother Aqil. It so happened that Zahaak bin Qays Fahri was sent to Makkah by Mu’awiya with a force of guerrillas to ravage the city. Imam Ali (a) had sent Hujr bin Adi Kindi to defend the city of Makkah. Hujr defeated Zahaak. Aqil at that time was in Makkah. He wrote to Imam Ali (a) offering his voluntary services saying that the Quraysh were not sincerely serving the cause of Islam and were bent upon the enmity of Imam Ali (a). In reply Imam Ali (a) wrote this letter....Quraysh deprived Imam Ali (p) of his right, caliphate..."They have deprived me of the estate of my mother's son (i.e.Prophet Muhammad (p)"


37. Letter: 

To Mu’awiya...Uthman's murder...Mu'awiya didn't help Uthman although he was in need of his help and requested him..."What do you mean by creating this faction and revolt with pretence of taking revenge on the murderers of Uthman?"


38. Letter:  

To the people of Egypt, telling them about Maalik when Imam Ali (a) appointed him as their Governor...characteristics of Maalik...a description of the Egyptian..."Malik is such a sword among the swords of Allah that its sharpness will never get blunt or whose stroke and blow will never be without effect and who will never lose an opportunity."


39. Letter:  

To Amr bin Aas...Mu'awiya and his doggie..."For the sake of remnants and crumbs of bread left over at his table, you have attached yourself to him (Mu'awiya). You ( Amr bin Aas ) are following him like a dog which follows a tiger, frightfully looks at its paws and waits to live upon the refuse which it leaves of its kill."


40. Letter:  

To a commissioner of a province. It could not be ascertained as to whom it was addressed...Ali (p)'s justice and equality..."Will you immediately send the detailed accounts (about both the items)? Remember that the reckoning of Allah  is far more severe than any audit which man can carry out."




41. Letter:

To a Governor who left Imam Ali (a) and ran away with Public Treasury, this man was a cousin of Imam Ali (a) and was his confidant. Some historians say that he was Abdullah b. Abbas who was Imam's cousin and had once behaved in this way...hypocrisy...participating in jihad ( Holy War ) to amass wealth...betrayal and disloyalty..."Your present behaviour indicates that you have never been sincere, as if your participating in jihad (the Holy Wars) was not in the cause of Allah and as if the true light of religion had never illuminated the dark recesses of your mind.."


42. Letter:  

To Umar bin Abi Salama Mukhzumi when Imam Ali (a) called him back from the Governorship of Bahrain and appointed Nu’man bin Ajlan Zuraqi in his place...Imam Ali (p)'s praise of his governer..."Come to me immediately. The fact is that I have resolved to face the Syrian tyrants and oppressors and I want you to be with me because you are one of those men whom I can trust to help me in facing the enemies of Allah and in the establishment of the Islamic State."


43. Letter:   

To Masqala bin Hubayra al-Shaybani who was the governor of Ardshir Khurra (Iran)...warning and giving advise...Imam Ali (p)'s justice, equality and care to the people..." not ruin your religion otherwise you will be one of those whose deeds are to be punished."


44. Letter:  

To Ziyad ibn Abih when Imam Ali (a) came to know that Mu’awiya was secretly corresponding with Ziyad, inviting him to leave the side of Imam Ali (a) and to join him, offering him the bribe of being declared the son of Abu Sufyan...Abu Sufyan's lie...Mu'awiya's satanic goals..."Remember that it is Satan which will attack an imprudent and incautious Muslim from behind and from right and left so that finding him unwary and unwatchful, it may overpower him and may enslave his reasoning."


45. Letter:

To Uthman bin Hunayf, the Governor of Basra, when he attended a feast given by a rich man of Basra...humble clothing of Imam Ali (p)...his attitude towards worldly things...Ahl al-Bayt were deprived of their land, Fadak by Abu was taken from them by force...lawful & unlawful earnings...Imam Ali (p) is an example for all the muslims and rulers, presidents, governers...the purpose of creation of humans...Imam Ali (p)'s relationship with the Holy Prophet (s) is like a branch shooting from the same stem...people deceived by the world...

"I never expected that you would accept the invitation of a person who invites big officers and rich people and from whose doors poor persons and hungry paupers are turned away rudely."...

"I know that tomorrow my lodging will be my grave. Its darkness will cover my traces and will not allow my condition to reach this world. A grave after all is a pit, and even if it is made very big and broad, time will gradually reduce its size and will fill it with earth and stones."...

"Am I created simply to keep on thinking about my food? Am I like that animal which is tied down to a post and which thinks of nothing but its fodder or like that uncontrolled beast which roams about and does nothing but eats its fill and does not know the purpose of life for which it is created?"

"O Ibn Hunayf! fear Allah and be content with the bread that you get with lawful means, so that you may be exempted and free from the fire of Hell."




46. Letter:   

To one of his governors...the way of conduct a Muslim governer & ruler should have..."...While meeting them, talking to them and wishing everyone of them, whether rich or poor, big or small you should behave as if they are your equals.."..."To remove mutual enmity, ill-feeling and hatred is better than recommended prayers and fasting”.


47. Letter:  

To Imam Hasan (a) and Imam Husayn (a) after he was wounded by Abd al-Rahman b. Muljam whilst offered the morning prayers in the mosque of Kufa...Imam Ali (p)'s will...fear the prayers...Exhort people to do good and abstain them from retaliation for his martyrdom..."Let the eternal Reward and Blessings of Allah be the prompting factors for all that you say and do."


48. Letter:  

To Mu’awiya...misinterpretation of commands of Allah...Muawiyah's disbelief in Quran..."You invited me to let the Holy Book act as an arbitrator but you never believed that Book to be the Word of Allah. I, therefore, did not accept your invitation though I always accept the commands of that Book."


49. Letter:

To Mu’awiya...the world and its temptations..."If you take a lesson from the past then you can guard your future very well."


50. Letter:   

A circular to the chiefs of his army...the duties of a ruler against his subordinates, governors & people..."You should make your subordinate officers promise to act accordingly and should give them the same facilities and privileges as are given to you so that your affairs also run smoothly."




51. Letter:  

To the collectors of taxes and revenues...justice...equality...equity...basics of collecting taxes..."One who does not care for his salvation, will never think of providing for his life after death with good deeds and, therefore, he will not be able to escape the punishment."..."...if you find there armaments or weapons or horses of the non-Muslims for which there is a danger and a possibility of these being used in war against the State, you may confiscate them...Such things as are dangerous to the safety of the country should not be left in the possession of unreliable persons so that they should not prove harmful and injurious to the Muslim State and its people...."


52. Letter:  

A circular about prayers to the governors of all the provinces...time of prayers...speed of praying..."While leading the prayers make them so short that the weakest among you may not feel tired to follow you and his strength and patience may not be over strained."


53. Letter:  

An order to Maalik al-Ashtar, a famous companion of Imam Ali (p), he was called "Fearless Tiger"...he was maryred by Muawiya and his followers...Imam Ali (p) praises Malik al-Ashtar and says :“He was to me what I was to the Holy Prophet (s)”...principles of administration and justice as dictated by Islam...duties and obligations of rulers, their chief responsibilities, the question of priorities of rights and obligations, dispensation of justice, control over secretaries and subordinate staff; distribution of work and duties amongst the various branches of administration, their co-ordination with each other and their co-operation with the centre...Imam Ali (a) advises Maalik to combat corruption and oppression amongst the officers, to control markets and imports and exports, to curb evils of profiteering, hoarding, black-marketing...stages of various classes in a society, the duties of the government towards the lowest class, how they are to be looked after and how their conditions are to be improved, the principle of equitable distribution of wealth and opportunities, orphans and their up-bringing, maintenance of the handicapped, crippled and disabled persons and substitutes in lieu of homes for the aged and the disabled...the army, of whom it should consist of and how the ignorant, ruthless and corrupt mercenaries should not be allowed to join the army as their profession...the rights of rulers over the ruled and of the ruled over the rulers....

There is a main central idea running all through these instructions, like one single thread out of which the cloth is woven, it is that of Allah . The regime is of Allah, the governors and the governed are both creatures of Allah, and their respective duties are laid down by Allah...


54. Letter:  

To Talha and Zubayr (sent to them through Imran bin Hasin Khuza'i, a pious companion of the Holy Prophet-s-)...people gave pledge of allegiance to Imam Ali (p) willingly...Talha ann Zubayr took oath of Allagiance to Imam Ali (p) and then broke it...went back on their words..."Do you know what made you then behave like a hypocrite and now like a freed-slave? They were your ulterior motives."..."You are telling people that I am responsible for the murder of Caliph Uthman. To bear witness to the fact as to who is responsible for the murder of the Caliph, you two or I, there are people in Madina, who are impartial. They have never sided you or me and have kept themselves aloof from me from the very beginning. Shall we ask their opinion as to who is responsible for this assassination?"


55. Letter:  

To Mu’awiya...the purpose of creation of man...the transience of this world...Imam Ali (p) calls Muawiya to the right path..."You began by misinterpreting the Holy Qur'an and on the basis of these misinterpretations you started grasping power and wealth and began oppressing and tyrannizing the people. Your next unholy action was to call me responsible for an action (murder of Caliph Uthman) of which my tongue and hands were both innocent."




56. Letter:

Instructions to Shuray bin Hani when he was appointed as the commanding officer of the vanguard of his army, which was marching towards Syria...the world and its temptations..."Be afraid of this alluring and vicious world, never trust it."


57. Letter:   

To the people of Kufa while leaving Madina for Basra. It is a wonderful epistle. It invites people to judge his intentions and actions..."If they find me on the path of truth and justice they may help me and if they find that I am on the wrong then they can reason me out of it."


58. Letter:   

To the people of various provinces, giving them the causes of the Battle of Siffin...Imam Ali (p)'s proposal of peace was rejected...promise-breakers and promise-keepers and their reward...."The point of contention between us was the question of the murder of Uthman. It had created the split. They wanted to lay the murder at my door while I am actually innocent of it."


59. Letter: 

To Aswad bin Qatiba, the Governor of Hulwan...duties and obligations of rulers..."Remember that nothing can compensate for tyranny and oppression."..."...this world is a place for trials and tests and whoever wastes his time here will repent in the Hereafter."


60. Letter:   

A circular sent to those governors and State officers, through whose territory the armies of Imam Ali (a) were to pass...instructions for soldiers passing through dwellings..."I want to inform you and your subjects that if the soldiers misbehave themselves or if they take anything, their action is against my orders."




61. Letter:

To Kumayl bin Ziyad Nakha'i, expressing his displeasure and rebuking him in leaving his province unguarded and allowing the army of the enemy to enter and carry on loot. He was the Governor of Hayit and had not properly defended the province against the Syrian guerrillas. After their attack and loot he wanted permission of Imam Ali (a) to take revenge upon the Syrian province of Kirkisiya. Imam Ali (a) replied to him in the following letter..."Such an attitude indicates a weak and harmful mentality. Your desire to invade Kirkisiya and to leave your province undefended and unattended shows the confusion of your mind."


62. Letter:   

To the Egyptians. The letter was handed over to Maalik bin Haarith Ashtar to take with him when he was appointed as the Governor of that province...caliphate taken from the descendants of the Prophet (p)...innovations and schism...uneducated, unwise and vicious rulers stealing the wealth of people...hypocrites..fighting for one's land... "...when I stood up amidst the sweeping surge of innovations and schism the dark clouds of heresy dispersed, falsehood and schism were crushed and the religion was saved..."


63. Letter:   

To the Abdullah bin Qays, better known in history as Abu Musa Ash'ari, for his weak-faith and double-standards...Imam Ali (p)'s advise to this double-faced man...."If you are convinced that I am on the right side, then you must come to my help and if you feel uncertain, nervous or timid, then get you gone.I swear by Allah that I shall not let you waver or adopt a double-cross policy. I shall not allow you to sit peacefully at home with a double face, one for each party and I shall expose you to the people."


64. Letter:  

A reply to Mu’awiya's letter...Muawiya's acceptance of Islam is hypocrisy...Imam Ali (p) has the sword that sent the relatives of Muawiya to hell..the right of Imam Ali (p), caliphate is usurped..."It is correct as you say that in pre-Islamic days we were united and at peace with each other. But have you realized that dissensions and disunity between us started with the dawn of Islam. The reason was that we accepted and preached Islam and you remained heathen."..."Even your original acceptance was not sincere, it was simple hypocrisy."..."When you saw that all the big people of Arabia had embraced Islam and had gathered under the banner of the Holy Prophet (s) you also walked in (after the Fall of Makkah.)"


65. Letter:  

To Mu’awiya...meaningless letter of Muawiya...Imam Ali (p) prophecy of muslims attack to Muawiya..." are following in your ancestors' footsteps in trying to prove falsehood to be true, in seducing people with lies and false hopes, in claiming a thing far above your merits and capacities and in grasping things which religion prohibits to you."




66. Letter:  

To Abdullah b. Abbas. Ibn Abbas said that except the advice and sayings of the Holy Prophet (s) no other advice benefited him more than this."You must feel sorry for the wealth that you have left without spending it on good causes and the opportunities you have lost of doing noble and pious deeds. Nothing should worry you but the idea of death and the life after death."


67. Letter.   

To Qutham b. Abbas (brother of Abdullah  b. Abbas), who was the Governor of Makkah...important days of Islam (i.e Eid, Hajj, Ramadhan, etc ) and how they should be spent...Beware of the Public of the quarters they given to the pilgrims..."None should carry your message to the people but your tongue and let none come between you and those who want to approach you (not even a door-keeper or a guard)."..."Beware of the Public Treasury. Spend its money on the poor people of your province. Find them out (if they do not come to you) and meet their necessities."


68. Letter:  

To Salman al-Farsi, before his (Ali’s) caliphate...the world and its transience.."Be most wary and cautious of this vicious world at times when it allures and pleases you the most because it is an old trick of this world that when a man is most happy with pleasure of owning and possessing it, it suddenly deserts him and when a man is most confident of its protection, help and love, it certainly forsakes him."


69. Letter:  

To Harith Hamdani...Obedience Qur'an...history often repeats out alms and charities on one's behalf and on behalf of one's family...Friday Prayer..."Take lessons from history for your future because history often repeats itself, and future nations of the world will mostly follow the footsteps of those who have passed."..."Always remember death and the life after death but never wish for death. If you want to face death then do it for a great cause."..."Abstain from an action which you will have to do covertly and secretly and which you feel ashamed to do openly.


70. Letter:  

To Suhayl b. Hunayf, the Governor of Madina (and brother of Uthman b. Hunayf) about some Madinites who had left him and gone over to Mu’awiya...not feeling sorry for the deserters...worldly-mined people..."they are rushing towards a society where corruption is at premium, where favouritism holds sway and where justice and equity are abhorred."




71. Letter:  

To Munzir b. Jarud Abdi when he misappropriated something which he had been entrusted with...leaving one's own religion for the sake of wordly things...relatives..." do not attach any importance to your life after death and you want to adorn and beautify you life at the cost of your salvation and that you are forsaking your religion to provide for your relatives."



To Abdullah b. Abbas...the world and its different faces..."You must know that this world has two aspects; one of its phases is that sometimes it serves you and works in your favour, and the other is that, it acts against you."


73. Letter:  

To Mu’awiya..Muawiya is unreasonable and irrational..."Beware that Satan has made you incorrigible, it has made you blind to good things as shown by the Holy Prophet (s) and deaf to his teachings."


74. Letter:  

A treaty which Imam Ali (a) has worded for the Bani Rabi'a tribe and the Yemenites to agree upon...obeying the Holy Quran...taking matters to Quran..."...they will forsake those who forsake this Book and that they will unite to fight against those who go against this Book."


75. Letter:  

After the Muslims took oath of allegiance to Imam Ali (a), he wrote the following letter to Mu’awiya...Imam Ali (p)'s fight for the cause of Islam..."Now you (Muawiya) take the oath of allegiance to me from the people of your province and come on deputation to me."




76. Letter:  

Instructions to Abdullah b. Abbas when he sent him as his representative to Basra...losing temper and Satan...being kind to people.."Always keep this in mind that the thing which takes you nearer to Allah will carry you away from Hell and the thing which drives you away from Allah will drive you towards Hell."


77. Letter:  

Instructions to Abdullah b. Abbas when he sent him for discussions with the Kharijites...Qur'anic verses can be misused and interpreted by ill-natured people .."...argue with them in the light of the traditions of the Holy Prophet (s) and then they will find no way to misrepresent truth."


78. Letter: 

Abu Musa Ash'ari (Abdullah b. Qays) wrote a letter to Imam Ali (a) from the place where the decision of the arbitration (after Siffin) took place. Imam Ali (a) wrote to him the following letter in reply...wordly-minded people...Imam Ali (p) wants the Unity of Muslims..."I cannot tolerate lies and I cannot bear to see people undoing the good done by Allah through Islam."


79. Letter:  

An order issued to his generals when he took over rulership of the Muslim State...previous rulers and their characteristics..."Verily, previous rulers have come to sad ends because they prevented people from getting their just rights, they got corrupted and could be purchased..."


Designed and E-booked by Muhammad M.IPEK

February, 2003

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Success is from Allah.